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My name is Stephanie, I am 22 and very happily married to the best man in the world!!! ^_^ I am currently pregnant with our first baby. His name is Ibrahim and will be born December 2012 inshallah. I can't wait to meet him ^_^ This blog is to reblog things I like and to make a few posts.

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Sleep… Sleep? What is sleep???

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Every day at work its the same thing.  I hear the phrase “Oh my gosh you look like you are about to pop!” or “How are you still walking around?” or “Wow you have gotten so big!”

I don’t want to be rude… I mean, thank you to all the random ppl trying to make conversation with me I guess…? But when you don’t really know someone, and they are telling you how enormous you have gotten… and you hear it every day, several times a day… it gets a little much. Plus, I run out of things to say back! I feel so awkward.  I want to make an announcement at work like, yes I am 38+ weeks pregnant, I feel pretty huge thanks for affirming that, and my legs are the reason I am still walking around.

Only 4 more days of work left, hang in there Stephanie!